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Come. Stay. Glow.

The Sunburst Calistoga Mineral Pool and Spa

The Sunburst Calistoga invites you to enjoy the wonderfully healing properties of our on-site mineral pools, mineral wading pools and mineral Jacuzzi. Health and wellness play a huge part in the culture of Calistoga, and much of this interest stems from what are widely considered the healing and therapeutic properties of the area's hot springs. Since as far back as the 1700s, the Calistoga hot springs have been used for medicinal purposes, and we've harnessed the natural powers of this phenomenon to provide our guests with an exceptional mineral pool experience. The Sunburst Calistoga is happy to offer an approachable price point from which to enjoy all the benefits of nature's bounty.

Health and Healing at The Sunburst

Our mineral pools are a hip and progressive form of alternative medicine that can aid in the relief of any number of ills. Suffering from hypertension or arthritis? Vapors that emit certain levels of mineral and trace elements are just what the doctor ordered. Soaking in these mineral waters, heated by the Earth's mantle, will help maintain wellness while revitalizing skin, calming nerves, detoxing your system and refreshing oxygen levels.

The human body requires these minerals to regulate the metabolism, hormones, enzymes and general health. Your skin is the largest organ of the body and absorbs only the amount of minerals it needs - a much more effective system than taking mineral supplements through the digestive system. Mineral fed hot springs are located underneath the property where the water sits at 180 degrees. By the time it reaches the pools, it has cooled to around 80 degrees.

The Sunburst Calistoga Spa Experience

Registered guests of the Sunburst Calistoga are free to indulge with direct access to our on-site mineral pools, mineral wading pools and mineral Jacuzzi - all situated within a relaxed, fun-loving atmosphere. Settle back, sip a glass of your new favorite wine and enjoy all of the healing and therapeutic properties of our very own hot springs.

Pool Temperatures

  • Main Pool – 80 to 86 degrees
  • Wading Pool – 90 to 94 degrees
  • Jacuzzi – 100 to 104 degrees

Pool Dimensions

  • Main Pool – 20 ft x 40 ft
  • Wading Pool – 20 ft x 20 ft
  • Jacuzzi – Maximum 12 people

Pool Depth

  • Main Pool – 6.5 ft
  • Wading Pool – 2 ft all around

Other Notes

  • Chlorine – Yes, we use a minimal amount of chlorine in our mineral pools and Jacuzzi in accordance with health and safety standards.
  • Color – Pool color may have slight green tint due to the minerals
  • Smell – Traces of sulfur may cause a slight smell