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Minerals, Massages, and Mud - Oh My!

Here's a little spring cleaning everyone will enjoy: just in time for the season's arrival, we've got a pair of spa specials that will give your body the post-winter tune up that it needs!

Calistoga Locals Spa Special
Just for our Calistoga neighbors, pick any 50-minute spa service Sunday - Thursday, and enjoy a special rate! Must show ID with Calistoga address to qualify.
Available Sunday - Thursday: 50 minutes / $95


Perfectly Muddled
Our spin on Calistoga’s famed historic mud baths. Mosey up to our mix-your-own-mud bar and craft your perfect blend from our global range of detoxifying concoctions. Next, get down and dirty in our garden, where you’ll slather your skin in the mud and relax under the sun as it dries. Finally, get squeaky clean under our rainfall shower, while you watch those muddy waters rinse away. Dry skin is exfoliated off. Toxins are drawn out. Good minerals are infused in. And your skin is left baby-soft and oh-so-refreshed.
As add-on: $50
On its own: $70

The Splish-Splash
Think of this as our ode to the social bathhouses of days gone yonder. We’ll draw the water and you can soak your cares away in one of the gorgeous clawfoot tubs in our bathing room. Pick a salt from our global range (from California, New Zealand, Japan, Tukey, and more). Book a couple of tubs and turn it into a romantic or group experience. Or go it alone, and make new friends. Whatever your style, we’ve got your salty cure.
25 minutes / as add-on: $50
25 minutes / on its own: $70

The Wine Country Scrub
The best of our little valley. Your body will be exfoliated with a scrub made from crushed grape seeds, followed by a massage with a locally-made rosemary-and-lavender-infused oil.
50 minutes / $130


Here’s The Rub
Yes, a massage. But not just any massage. Our signature rub-down is perfectly tailored to what your body needs. So, whether its deep tissue in the neck or soothing Swedish on the back, acupressure on your calves or lymphatic drainage on your face, our masterful muscle whisperers (aka massage therapists) have you covered.
50 minutes / $120
80 minutes / $170

The Hot Himalayan
Our hot stone massage is better than most, with heated Himalayan salt stones subbing in for your average ole rocks. Our superstar stones are naturally antimicrobial and packed with minerals. They produce negative ions, which helps alkalize the body and bring it from an overly-acidic state. Plus, they feel really, really good.
50 minutes / $130
80 minutes / $190

The Head Case
For those whose minds are all over the place, settle down with a deeply relaxing scalp massage using our specially-blended and oh-so-hydrating oil. Then enjoy a targeted massage of the neck and upper back. We dare you not to fall asleep.
50 minutes / $130

The Feet First
Inspired by the ancient art of reflexology, your therapist will spend 50 decadent minutes focused on your feet. But your back will get a little love too, thanks to the self-warming mud that we’ll apply at the start of the treatment.
50 minutes / $130

From Head to Toe
The best of both worlds: The Head Case, followed by The Feet First. In other words, 80 minutes of pure bliss. And yes, you are allowed to snore.
80 minutes / $190

The Compress Press
Thailand’s poultice massage meets its Napa Valley cousin with this treatment that uses a heated muslin compress filled with local herbs (including lavender and mustard seeds). Your therapist will rhythmically stamp, knead, and rock the poultice over your body in-between soothing strokes to release deep muscle tension. Added bonus: the poultice’s herbs have a healing effect.
80 minutes / $190

The Italians are on the job here at our spa in Napa Valley. Our facials use the Italian skincare line Comfort Zone. The luxe beauty brand, which started as a research lab, is renowned for its science-based approach to skin issues. And it’s gained a global cult following (us included!), thanks to its use of powerful ingredients, and its team of dermatologists backing it up.

The Perfect Lift
For those who like to put their best face forward, this results-oriented facial includes a double peel to help reduce fine lines and a special firming massage, along with products infused with niacin and collagen-boosting peptides to immediately help tighten the skin.
80 minutes / $190

The Refresh
A powerful anti-aging facial that uses serums and lotions infused with antioxidant-rich goji berries to replenish and repair nutrient-depleted skin.
50 minutes / $130

Good Hydration
A super-hydrating treatment for those in-need, this facial is designed to replenish hyaluronic acid in the skin and infuse vitamins from fruit extracts for a brightening and moisturizing effect.
50 minutes / $130

The Groom and Go
This one’s for the guys and their skin needs. Curated, manly products (there are no frilly creams here) deliver oxygen directly into the skin, increasing cell metabolism. Dead skin cells are shed faster and replaced with newer, healthier ones. The result: what once was congested and dull now is firm and strong.
50 minutes / $130